EU-SPRI 2015 Conference: “Innovation policies for economic and social transitions: Developing strategies for knowledge, practice and institutions” – Helsinki, Finland 10-12-6.2015
Call for Papers

Welcome to participate to the 2015 annual conference of the EU-SPRI Forum ([<<;) “Innovation policies for economic and social transitions: Developing strategies for knowledge, practice and institutions”, to be held 10-12.6.2015 in Helsinki, Finland

A key objective of the conference is to enable research and innovation policy scholars to exchange views across their usual disciplinary boundaries and engage with policy makers. The theme of the conference addresses the role of innovation policies in supporting broader economic and societal transformation, a theme well timed in the European context but one that allows us to integrate in a novel way also other world regions, such as emerging economies and developing countries struggling to solve economic modernization and pressing social challenges.

Proposals can be made to 1. General Submission 2. Special Tracks or Sessions, and they should be Extended Abstracts of 1000-1500 words.

1.     Call for Papers – General Submission

Submissions are welcome in any area of science and technology and innovation policy, but we especially welcome contributions to the General Submission Track that address the following topics:

*   Research and innovation policies and broad-based, systemic societal transformation;
*   Multi-level governance of innovation and co-ordination.
*   Innovation policy, entrepreneurship, enterprises, and economic change
*   Innovation ecosystems and knowledge practices;
*   Foresight and configuration of systemic change;
*   Evaluation and measuring knowledge and innovation;

2.     Call for Papers – Special Tracks and Sessions
Special Tracks

–  Social innovation futures: Beyond Policy Panacea and Conceptual Ambiguity.

–  The missing links – demand based policy making and instruments in the context of mission orientation: Concepts, impacts, governance challenges.

–  Changing innovation policy and governance for sustainability transitions

–  Innovation and Collaboration to tackle societal challenges and promote development.

–  Smart Policies, Innovation and Transformation of Manufacturing Industries.

–  Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) for Academia and Industries: Game Changer of Same Old Rhyme?

Special Sessions

–  Modelling Transitions to Sustainability: Advances in theory and applications for policy.

–  Innovation Capacity Enhancement Policies in Developing Countries

–  Transforming Innovation Policy.

–  The Changing Role of S&T Indicators in the Governance of Science.

–  Opening Up the Innovation System Framework Towards New Actors and Institutions

Complete call text and information is available at:



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