CALL FOR PAPERS  “DORA et al.: Global movements against “impactitis” and “evaluitis”

Ad-hoc-Gruppe  auf dem Osterreichischen Soziologiekongress 2015:
?Soziologie in Osterreich ? Internationale Verflechtungen?,
Universitt Innsbruck

Beitrge & Diskussion in deutscher oder englischer Sprache.

DORA et al.: Global movements against impactitis and
A growing number of learned societies, journals, scientific
institutions and scientists/ scholars argue and campaign against the
almighty journal impact factor, produced by the North-American
for-profit corporation Thomson Reuters. The most famous initiative of
protest and recommendations is named DORA, The San Francisco Declaration
on Research Assessment. Worldwide more and more oppositional action
groups of scientists/scholars, librarians, journals, universities,
research funds and scientific associations stand up against university
rankings. h-Index-rankings and other forms of evaluitis and
impactitis in neoliberal audit cultures. The critics,
often from cultural and social sciences, emphasize the erroneous and
biased nature of quantitative evaluation procedures and their negative
effects on scientific personnel (especially early career scientists) and
scientific development, especially the discrimination of cultural and
social sciences.
In this ad-hoc-group we want to discuss the quantitative evaluation
practices and their effects on social science scholars, journals,
institutions and strategies to fight against.?

DORA: San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment- Putting science
into the assessment of research


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