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S&T Indicators Conference

The 21st S&T Indicators Conference will take place in Valencia (Spain) on
14-16thSeptember 2016.

We invite submission of papers, posters and special sessions to the 21st
edition of the STI conference series.

Deadline: March 14th, 2016

For further details see: www.sti2016.org

*Theme: Peripheries, frontiers and beyond*

This year, the conference aims to stimulate reflection on the challenges
posed to S&T indicator development and use in geographical, cognitive or
social spaces that are peripheral or marginal to the centres of economic,
scientific or technological activity. We propose to identify, describe and
analyse the problems that emerge in situations and spaces where indicators
are used beyond their scope of validity. The conference aims to offer an
international platform to propose, and discuss, alternative approaches and

*The conference will include Special Tracks on:*

1            Data infrastructure and data quality for evolving research
metrics. Led by *Cameron Neylon* (PLoS One)

2            International benchmarking of innovation: challenges and
adequacy for developing and developed regions. Led by *Luciana Marins* (UNESCO
Institute of Statistics).

3            Measuring diverse research ?qualities?: indicators of societal
impact, engagement, participation, and local relevance. Led *Judith
Sutz* (Univ.
Rep?blica, Uruguay)

4            Collaborations, mobility and internationalization. Led by *Rigas
Arvanitis* (IFRIS, IRD, France)

5            Social sciences and the humanities. Led *Thed van Leeuwen *(CWTS,
Leiden University).

*Other topics include:*

1            Data infrastructure for research metrics

2            Social media and alternative metrics

3            Visualisation for policy and evaluation

4            How do indicators shape research agendas?

5            Evaluation of mission-oriented research

6            Science participation and communication

7            Inclusive innovation and grassroots innovation

8            Indicators for sustainable development in socio-economic

9            Gender and gendered research and innovation

10      International benchmarking of innovation: challenges and adequacy

11      Innovation, creativity and culture

*Submissions types:*

1            Short paper with a description of a completed study (max 3,000

2            Research in progress paper (max 1,500 words)

3            Special session: proposal of 90 or 180 min. panel discussions,
round tables or a coherent set of papers (2,000 words max.)

4            Poster (max 1,000 words) with an abstract of the study

Papers accepted will be published in an open access proceedings book
(including a doi number per paper). Editors of the journals ?Research
Evaluation? and ?Science and Public Policy? will be on the lookout for
thematic clusters of potential papers.


3rd Energy & Society Conference – Transforming Energy for Society

3rd Energy & Society Conference Transforming Energy for Society

12-14 September 2016

Leipzig, Germany

Call for Papers

The third conference of the Energy & Society Network will take place in Leipzig, Germany, from 12th-14th September 2016. It aims to bring together social scientists from Europe and beyond working on energy related topics. We wish to offer an opportunity to exchange ideas and create new collaborations. We invite papers from all social sciences and interdisciplinary networks.

We encourage submissions on a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to the following:

?         Local, regional, national and international energy strategies, pathways and policies

?         Theoretical approaches to energy transitions research

?         Energy, vulnerability and poverty

?         Public participation, democracy and justice in ?old? and ?new? energy provisioning

?         Spatial and geo-political dimensions of energy transition pathways

?         Communities, grass roots and self-organisation in energy transitions

?         Dynamics and patterns of energy use practices

?         Smart meters, smart appliances, smart grids, smart everything?

?         Economics of energy transitions: Green/blue economy, degrowth, divestment, and other concepts

?         Research at the nexus of energy-environment-water-food-mobility

?         Methodological approaches to energy research

We encourage submission of abstracts for presentations and posters. Workshop proposals are also welcome.

Sessions and Submissions

?         Abstracts (oral and poster presentations): 150-200 words. Please indicate your preference regarding the format (presentation in a session, poster, round table) and session topic

?         Workshops (90 min.): proposals are invited in different formats with a focus on thematic, methodological, and/or theoretical discussions. They can include up to four presentations. If the workshop is planned to include individual presentations, the workshop organizer also needs to include a title and abstract of each presenter?s paper (150 words and affiliations).


Selected abstracts will be allocated by the conference organisers to roundtable sessions. Roundtable sessions are where a number of presentations are given simultaneously at separate tables within a single room. Each table will have a session chair and the papers allocated to it will be grouped by themes. Each of the papers within the roundtable will be allocated a 20 minute slot (15 minutes presentation followed by 5 minutes questions). Computers and PowerPoint are not used during the roundtable sessions giving presenters an opportunity to think more creatively about their presentation. These are particularly useful sessions for presenting work in progress and early stage ideas for discussion with peers. If you would like to be selected to present in the roundtable session please indicate your preference on your submission.

Key Information

Authors cannot present more than one paper but can be co-authors of other papers. Abstracts must be submitted in English.

The deadline for the submission of abstracts and workshop proposals is January 10th 2016. Authors will be informed whether or not their abstract or workshop proposal is accepted by 1st of March 2016.

The fees for the conference are to be for early bird registration 50 Euro for ESA members, 60 for non-members, 30 for students. Registration will open from March to July 2016.

We look forward to welcoming you to Leipzig!