EASST/4S Conference. Barcelona 2016: Call for papers and closed sessions

4S and EASST have issued a a call for papers and closed sessions for the 2016 Joint Meeting that will take place from August 31st to September 3rd in Barcelona http://www.sts2016bcn.org/call-for-papers/.  The deadline for submission of individual papers and closed session proposals is 21 February 2016.
Titled ‘Science & technology by other means: Exploring collectives, spaces and futures,’ the conference highlights how science and technology are increasingly performed, shaped and developed ‘by other means’; that is, in a variety of exploratory activities that include the articulation of collectives that do not fit with the traditional actors and institutions of science and technology, or in ways that problematize the established hegemonies involved in the production of knowledge and technologies.

This call invites not just traditional papers but also proposals for alternative forms of communication and interaction, including new ways and new media for presenting, sharing, producing and disseminating research projects and outcomes.

Participation in the conference will be limited to a maximum of two interventions per person: only one paper presentation and an optional additional engagement in other activities in the conference (e.g. acting as session chair or discussant).

Paper proposals for open tracks

You do NOT need to be a current member of EASST or 4S to propose a paper (but you will need to provide us with contact details as part of the process, and to register for the conference if your paper is accepted).

All paper proposals must be made to specific open tracks via the ‘Propose a paper’ link placed beneath the track abstract on each open track’s webpage.

Paper proposals should include: a paper title (no more than 10 words); author/co-authors; a short abstract (maximum 300 characters including spaces) and a long one (up to 250 words). The long abstract will be shown on the web and the short one is what will be displayed in the conference programme.

Closed sessions

These are submitted as a set with a number of papers with a shared focus. Closed sessions proposals would ideally comprise one or two 90 minutes slots with around 15 minutes per presentation.

Those interested in submitting a closed session should send an email expressing their interest to <program@sts2016bcn.org>. They will be informed of the procedure they should follow to submit their proposal and the paper abstracts included in the session.


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