2016 Annual Conference of the European Forum for Studies of Policies for Research and Innovation (EU-SPRI)

2016 Annual Conference of the European Forum for Studies of Policies for Research and Innovation (EU-SPRI)

Organized by CIRCLE, Lund University, Sweden, June 7-10, 2016

Conference Theme: “Exploring New Avenues for Innovation and Research Policies”

 Submission Deadline for Paper Abstract Proposals: March 15, 2016 (23:59 Central European Time)


Conference Website: http://www.euspri-circle2016.org

Open Call for Paper Abstract Proposals

You are most welcome to participate in the 2016 Annual Conference of the EU-SPRI Forum: ”Exploring New Avenues for Innovation and Research Policies” organized by CIRCLE, Lund University, Sweden on June 7-10, 2016.

The key objectives of the conference are to provide a forum for scholars interested and active in the areas of research and innovation policy analysis to exchange ideas and present findings across disciplinary boundaries as well as interaction between researchers and policy-makers/politicians. Participants from all countries and from any relevant disciplines are welcome to submit paper abstract proposals! Accepted proposals will be the basis for presentations at the conference. (Full papers are not to be submitted.) We expect about 150 – 200 participants.

  1. Conference sub-themes

Innovation policy and research policy are understood here as actions by public and semi-public organizations that influence, respectively, innovation and research. Research policy has been examined theoretically and empirically for many decades while innovation policy is gradually becoming established as an independent policy area. As more and more new initiatives are being undertaken in all parts of the world, new innovation policy instruments are being created and new public policy agencies are being established – at international, national, regional and local levels.

The Lund EU-SPRI Annual Conference 2016 welcomes both conceptual/theoretical and empirical contributions that provide scientific underpinnings for innovation and research policies. We welcome papers focusing on policies as the object of analysis as well as papers addressing the policy implications of other related kinds of analyses. Conference paper abstract proposals on the following sub-themes [em>and related ones

  • Knowledge foundations for research and innovation policies
  • The relationship between innovation theory and innovation policy
  • The development of innovation policy as an independent area, and its interactions with other policy areas (education, climate, health, entrepreneurship, employment, growth, industrial policies)
  • The particular relationships between innovation policy and research policy – should they be separate or integrated?
  • The history of innovation policy as a research area
  • Research methods in innovation and research policy analysis
  • Challenges in designing, organizing, governing, implementing and evaluating innovation and research policies (rationales for policy, policy objectives, use of indicators and comparative studies to identify policy problems and their causes, policy development, policy learning, etc.)
  • The practice of innovation and research policies across different countries and regions (both developed and developing countries/regions)
  • Emerging themes and topics such as:
    • Innovation and research policies to solve societal problems, satisfy human needs and mitigate grand challenges, e.g. policies related to sustainability transitions, social innovation, green innovation and smart specialization
    • Tensions between innovation policies based on the linear view and holistic/broad-based/systemic innovation policies
    • The relations between governance and institutions (rules of the game) in innovation and research policies
    • The relationship between innovation policy instruments and functions/activities in innovation systems
    • The development of new innovation and research policy instruments
    • Demand-oriented innovation policies, e.g. innovation-related public procurement
    • The role of the public element in Private-Public Partnerships
    • Financing of innovation and research processes
  1. Invitation to Submit Paper Abstract Proposals

The Local Organizing Committee hereby invites paper abstract proposals for presentations to be delivered at the conference. Note that the full papers shall not be submitted, although the presentations at the conference shall be based on such papers.

The paper abstract proposals will be evaluated by at least two members of the Scientific Committee. This evaluation process will be managed and coordinated by the Local Organizing Committee. Abstracts accepted will be the basis for presentations at the conference by the author(s).

Participants that do not present papers are also most welcome to attend the conference. To facilitate the participation of junior researchers and for those travelling long distances, the early bird registration fee will be as low as 100 euros when registering before 17th of April.

Paper abstract proposals may be submitted as general submissions or submitted to a track theme listed in the Appendix below. Most of the proposals accepted will be general submissions which will then be organized into as homogeneous sessions as possible. The exact balance between the number of general and track themes submissions accepted will depend on the number of high-quality proposals in each category.

Submission Deadline for Paper Abstract Proposals: Extended to March 15, 2016 (23:59 Central European Time)

  1. Contact & other information:

Local Organizing Committee:


  • Charles Edquist, CIRCLE – Coordinator
  • Lars Coenen, CIRCLE
  • Johan Miörner, CIRCLE – Project secretary (johan.miorner@circle.lu.se)
  • Josefina Moe, CIRCLE
  • Jerker Moodysson, CIRCLE
  • Lionel Sack, CIRCLE
  • Sam Tavassoli, CIRCLE
  • Michaela Trippl, CIRCLE
  • Elena Zukauskaite, CIRCLE

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