[EN] Thematic Section on Knowledge Science and Technology

The Thematic Section on Knowledge Science and Technology was established in 2010 under the Portuguese Sociological Association (Associação Portuguesa de Sociologia – APS).

The group constitutes itself as a privileged space for meeting and reflection among sociologists, as well as other professionals in the social sciences interested in themes around science and technology. The work developed so far is steered by openness to diverse theoretical and methodological perspectives on these matters, by dialogue with other thematic sections of APS and, whenever possible, exchange with other disciplinary areas at both national and international levels.

Contact: conhecimento@aps.pt




  • To stimulate critical debate about the ethical, environmental, and social challenges posed by the scientific and technological development of current time;
  • To promote interdisciplinary research;
  • To establish an effective dialogue with other APS’s thematic sections;
  • To create a network able to share knowledge among Portuguese social scientists whose study fields are on knowledge, science and technology;
  • To disseminate research result, namely publications, as well as events and training activities developed in Portugal and abroad in this area;
  • To articulate the activities of this thematic section with international counterparts, namely events organization and dissemination;
  • To encourage the opening of the thematic section to initiatives involving civil society.


  • To provide, among the various initiatives, different opportunities for debate around the ethical, environmental and social challenges posed by scientific and technological development;
  • To organize, within the scope of the APS congress, the sessions of this thematic section;
  • To organize the biennial conference of the thematic section Trends in the Sociology of Knowledge, Science and Technology, based on a more inclusive and cross-disciplinary call;
  • To streamline the website of thematic section as a fundamental tool for organizing and sharing information;
  • To continue the dissemination of a newsletter of the thematic section, as well as the maintenance of an updated mailing list, disclosing national and international publications, events and training, highlighting in particular publications by Portuguese researchers in this area;
  • To disseminate the most relevant publications on this field in Portugal;
  • To organize and support activities involving civil society through the holding of at least one public event giving visibility to the thematic section and the work of its members.


Ana Raquel Matos (Centre for Social Studies and School of Economics of the University of Coimbra)
Maria Strecht Almeida (Institute of Biomedical Sciences Abel Salazar, University of Porto)
Pedro Xavier Mendonça (Portuguese National Cybersecurity Centre, School of Communication and Media Studies)


PROGRAM (opens in a new page)


Ana Delicado (ICS-ULisboa)
Cristina Palma Conceição (ISCTE-IUL)
Hélder Raposo (School of Health Technology of Lisbon)



Helena Jerónimo (Lisbon School of Economics and Management)
Maria João Simões (University of Beira Interior)
Susana Costa (Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra)

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