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The Thematic Section Knowledge Science and Technology was established in 2010 under APS Portuguese Sociological Association.

It aims to establish a privileged meeting place for reflection among all sociologists interested in issues of science and technology, steered by principles of openness to diverse theoretical and methodological approaches, dialogue with other sections of APS and exchange with other disciplinary areas at the national and international level.

 Program (2014-2018)

General objectives

  1. To promote community-building, sharing information and experiences, critical reflection and debate among sociologists who, in an academic and / or professional background, have an interest or work in the fields of knowledge, science and technology.
  2. To facilitate sociological research and the creation of research networks on the issues of knowledge, science and technology, by disseminating information and organizing events.
  3. To advance the internationalization of research conducted in these areas in Portugal, namely through the establishment and / or strengthening of links with international counterparts.
  4. To raise awareness about the approaches and skills that sociology has developed in this thematic area, particularly among students in higher education, but also the general public and of the community of sociologists in Portugal.
  5. To promote exchange and cross-fertilization of perspectives with other sections of APS and / or other scientific associations, particularly those nearer the sociology of science and technology;
  6. To take advantage of the cognitive heritage of the sociology of science and scientific culture in order to favour the intervention and reflection on the conditions and the public visibility of the social sciences in Portugal.

Actions to be carried out

  1. To continue to publish relevant information on APS’s vortal on a regular basis, namely: the updated list of members of the section, indicating institutional affiliations; news about the tenders and call for papers specifically addressed to this issue; information on scientific events or otherwise related to this field; dissemination of relevant publications and major ongoing projects (including those conducted by members of the section). The aim is to promote not only the flow of information but also the establishment of a permanently updated online repository of work on the themes covered by this Section.
  2. To streamline the possibility of direct contact and exchange of information among members of the Section, including through a specific and functional e-mail address, through which all can send information to feed the vortal and be more directly informed of its updates through a mailing list.
  3. To explore the possibilities of exchange, representation and co-organisation of events with European and global counterparts, as well as other associations focusing on issues related to this section.
  4. To promote the organisation of meetings in the years in-between the APS Congress in various forms (conferences, workshops or debates), to be held in institutions of higher education in different parts of the country, geared towards community-building, debate and sharing among peers (in higher intensity / proximity than what happens in major conferences), in order to endorse broad participation, including students in advanced training and the perspectives from other social sciences; exploring opportunities for public dissemination of events; and the publication of proceedings in digital format.
  5. To stimulate approaches to other thematic sections of the APS, which work in related issues (such as health, environment, risk, communication, education, etc.) through joint actions, such as organizing sessions at the APS Congress, scientific meetings in-between congresses and publications.
  6. To propose to the direction of APS the organisation of a workshop on science communication practices in the field of social sciences or, more specifically, sociology, to reflect on its importance in projecting a public image of sociology, stimulating vocations and grounding sociology in the national scientific community.
  7. To afford greater visibility to the knowledge, science and technology field by promoting the dissemination of authors and texts of reference and eventually theoretical syntheses developed by the members of the section.

Coordination team:

Ana Delicado (ICS-ULisboa)

Cristina Palma Conceição (ISCTE-IUL)

Hélder Raposo (School of Health Technology of Lisbon)


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